healing power Dew – Beliefs and practices of ancient time to today

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The magical creature dew vegetation has long been the subject of research, and special attention. In some areas, water shortages, the use of dew healing, nutrition and hygiene can be a lifesaver.

Paracelsus believed the dew plants possessed the healing power of plants and the different planets in the sky. Others believe that the work of dew on the grass and conductor to help transmit the healing energies of our magnetic earth and the universe. The famous Bach & # 39; s flower remedies, for example, is based on the principle of dew capture the essence of a variety of flowers. Of course, the flowers themselves are believed to contain a substantial amount of energy because of this flower, which is the source of the creation and fertilization.

If you perceive that the presence of small dew drops glistening liquid crystals, perhaps our mind and will that each droplet captures the energy of the universe and the energies of our living world. If one thinks about it – a drop of dew can be seen as a holographic universe.

A common method of healing the body dew kneel and brush the fingers and open palm of a & # 39; s hands dew-laden vegetation. Once this is done, the cool virgin moisture carefully applied over and over again to any part of the body needs healing the scar of a wound or operation, inflamed or injured joints and bones, we are emotionally or physically damaged hearts, our faces, etc.

dew moisturize a & # 39; his face is believed to help maintain a youthful appearance, yet energizing, refreshing the five physical senses. The feeling, seeing, for example, can be repeated use of a dew invigorated & # 39; and the closed eyelids.

Another way of touching our body dew to lie down partially or completely naked soft dewy grass and roll around. This particular cosmic done under a & # 39; s celestial birth sign, or smiles when the light of the moon or the full flowering. While writhing on the grass, or a moisturizing & # 39; s face, it may be felt that the essence of the vegetation & # 39; and through the nostrils smell is like the dew of water vapor transforms our body & # 39; s warmth. In this way, you can enjoy a kind of cosmic aromatherapy – because we also welcome the essence that was captured because it was the dew on the vegetation.

Taking barefoot walk in the fresh dew it is highly recommended because it is easy to do and has many health benefits. It is believed that the unique properties of dew absorbed transdermally done through the skin. Development of the concept of walking in the dew Swissborn Dr. Alfred Vogel, who is famous throughout the world as "a natural doctor." Dr. Vogel has been researching, writing, and practicing herbal medicine for more than sixty-five years. His 1952 book is the nature of the doctor translated more than fifteen languages ​​and has sold over 2 million copies. The revised edition published in 1991, Dr. Vogel gives this advice to the healing values ​​of dew:

If you go for an early morning walk in the dewy grass they will soon realize that barefoot feel really good, which new strength when you have been feeling tired and exhausted. It is like to upload a & # 39; and the elements, so to speak, impaired nerve charging energy. It seems as if Mother Earth gives off energy that improves the glandular functions. Therefore, I believe, is quite strange that although very tired and worn out, do not take full advantage of this simple regenerative treatment that can stimulate the endocrine glands to increase their activities …. Be careful, however, to walk only natural soils, the more intact in the soil, the greater will be the benefit derived from the magnetic field. I do not think that when walking on asphalt, concrete or other artificial surface will do just as good. No, it is better to wear the shoes of such surfaces because you can not win anything it's more the opposite.

Doctor Nature is a wonderful book, and the world's most fortunate that Dr. Vogel as a source of alternative healing.

Beyond the use of dew healing, there is the joy of running and jumping naked into the dense fog and during rain, sleet or snow showers. Meanwhile, we also feel inspired to use your hands to rub the virgin-like water in the skin and hair, and very strong in the chest like a gorilla in the wild.

Along with the joy of experiencing the different players in the skies and waters of our planet, it is also possible that the urge to singing voices, shouting, whistling or humming. Maybe it's the urge to play with sounds of water helps to remind us of childhood, or how closely we are related to other life forms.

Final thoughts dew, I offer these words of James Whitcomb Riley & # 39; s thoughts fer is not recommended in jeans

Fer a world full of roses, and roses filled with dew,

full of heavenly love and dew dripping fer you and me.

Source by William E. Marks

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