Nei Kung or Nei Gong Tuina Massage Therapists

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Nei Kung or Nei Gong internal martial arts from an ancient practice. They were more often used in Shaolin and Wudang temples to maintain internal energy harmony and balance of health and harmony. However, this is an invaluable extension for all Tuina doctors & # 39; s health and wellbeing. Doctors in China nowadays do not have the time or inclination to bestow upon the merits of the students Nei Kung or even Chi Kung. Those doctors I met in China who has been practicing since 1960 & # 39; and participated in the Nei Gong, Tai Chi, Iron Shirt or some way to increase the internal energy.

We all practitioners Tuina or massage therapy or acupuncture must realize that the Nei Kung is an invaluable tool to stay healthy, the prevention, coughs and colds, diseases and remain grounded. practitioner may experience a much higher level increased attention for a long time, and still be able to project the detection Chi or Qi in the patient to interact in the healing reaction.

What forms are Nei Kung? There are several styles, one of which I recommend so-called & # 39; Change tendon Classic & # 39; or Yin Jin Jing. The history is based around an annual internal martial arts and restorative practices Taosit. Personally I like to practice & # 39; 8 Palm Standing Set & # 39; which is a lesser known form of Nei Kung but is easier to learn and perform effectively. In general, those involved in Tuina or acupuncture least consider som form of internal energy work to prevent burnout in their business.

The practice of Nei Kung incorporates standing, moving, breathing a certain way, with emphasis directed toward the mind, observing and refining Chi internal or Qi flows through the body. It differs from Chi Kung or Qi Gong, primarily in the energy already present in the body and does not attempt to draw energy from the outside inwards.

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