Chiron and Nibiru gongs Sound Healing

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There are 17 Planet offered gongs Paiste, the nine planets, including Pluto, the Sun Gong, two acres of gongs, a second Earth Gong, the Platonic year, Sedna, Chiron and Nibiru. Many people have heard the names of Chiron and Nibiru, but not many people know the history and mythology, so the healing power of these gongs.


Apart from being a comet, Chiron has its roots in Greek mythology. He's very smart, educated and caring. Most of all, Chiron was a healer, very skilled medicine. He is known as the master of healing. So the comet and mythological centaur represents intentions and healing wounds.

According to Martin Lass "Chiron of natal charts point where we have healing powers as the result of our own deep psychological scars. It may over-compensate for these areas of life. Chiron as a wounded healer, first you have to face questions insufficiency of low self-esteem and feelings of and learn to rise to these matters over. whereas the wound goes deep, and we have to work hard to overcome the wound healing powers effective. "

Chiron is the recognition that we are injured, but their wounds are so that we can learn and grow, do not suffer. Don Miquel Ruiz, The Four Agreements teach the suffering of the belief you feel that you are suffering because you think you have. Both Ruiz and the story of Chiron say that everything is perfect in reality as it is, and there is nothing that has to change. Ruiz added that the change in the decision of what to do, not what you should do. The lessons learned and the growth comes from understanding.


Nibiru take the Akkadian language spoken at the time of Mesopotamia. This means "crossing" or "point of transition". Nibiru is the subject of speculation. Zecharia Sitchin spoke of Nibiru, a planet which, if they seem to cause destruction, on December 12, 2012.

As I was gathering my thoughts in this post, the connection to the mythology, fears Nibiru and the mythology of Chiron clear become.

Chiron and Nibiru, healing event

Nibiru is the transition point between the destruction of a wound, and what comes next. Chiron is the healer. If something does not occur in 12/12/2012, this will not be a fireball. This will be a recovery, transition and rebirth. This seems like a reach, but I do not think so. If you are unsure, read Shiva.

By the way, I & # 39; I have seen references to Sedna as "interested in the relationship between people and the way these relationships should influence the interactions of the planet," and as the defender of the environment. 12/12/2012 If something happens, you can bet that it will be good.

The gong healers, I think it's time to start working on from Sedna, Chiron and Nibiru Paiste gongs. You know . Read more about them here .

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